These 3 Vows Could Change Your Love Life

“When are you getting married?” is a common question to young couples. Marriage is often considered the peak of adulthood and a requirement to grow the position of a family, a clan, an ethnicity and a community. Most people strongly believe in the notion of marriage and its permanence and will not only desire butContinue reading “These 3 Vows Could Change Your Love Life”

Reasons Why The Youth Should Be Engaged in Leadership

When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him, goes an Ashanti Proverb. This portrays the position of the youth in society, to be seen and not heard as the mature and old crop take the lead in forging the future of the society. The youth are viewed asContinue reading “Reasons Why The Youth Should Be Engaged in Leadership”

Why Should We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

On 08 March annually, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. The push for women’s rights began in 1909. The 1945 United Nations Charter was adopted by world leaders including an emphasis on “equal rights of men and women“, and promotion of women’s human rights was agreed as the responsibility of all governments. The United Nations officially beganContinue reading “Why Should We Celebrate International Women’s Day?”

These 4 Little Things Change Relationships

Little things matter, in everything. When two people get entangled with each other, it is refreshing as love and happiness abound. As life happens, couples face different tides in a relationship and their creativity to handle different situations will determine how long the relationship will last. Love, validation, endorsement and gratitude determine how relationships thrive.Continue reading “These 4 Little Things Change Relationships”